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Alpaca Wool Bedding by Crescent Moon

Alpaca Mattress Pads by Crescent Moon


A wonderful addition to your green home, allergen free and great for those with multiple chemical sensitivity (mcs).  

Have a better sleep with a wool mattress pad!  It wicks the moisture away, helps your body regulate heat better, helps prevent "pressure points", and is hypoallerganic because nasty Dust Mites don't like to live in it. 

Crescent Moon Alpaca wool (70% Alpaca & 30% sheeps wool) filled mattress pads are made with beautiful certified 100% organic down proof cotton and one and one half ounce of alpaca wool batting per square foot.  This makes the mattress pad about 1/2" thick.  Elastic is placed in each corner to help keep it in place on your mattress.  

Available in 5 sizes - Crib (28"x52"), Twin (39"x75"), Double (54"x75", Queen (60"x80"), and King (78"x80").


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