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Crescent Moon Pillow Protector

Pillow Encasements by Crescent Moon

Protect yourself from dust mites with pillow encasements from Crescent Moon.  Dust allergies are mainly caused by an allergy to dust mites (actually to their waste - YUK).  Dust mites measure from 100 to 300 microns and their feces can be as small as 10 microns which could break through many fabrics.
Here is the solution:  Keep those nasty critters away from the air you breathe while you sleep!  Crescent Moon uses organic encasement fabric with 260 thread count 4.1 microns for the pillow encasements.  
We recommend you pre-wash covers in hot water and dry in a warm dryer for the best fit in your pillow.  These gorgeous encasements all come in natural color and 6 sizes - Travel (16.5"x21), Standard (21"x26"), Queen (21"x29"), King (21"x36"), Euro (27"x27"), and Body (21"x48").


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