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Reusable Menstrual Pads Organic Cotton

Reusable Menstrual Pads Organic Cotton

You can embrace your flow with our washable organic cotton cloth pads and liners. Reusable cloth pads and liners offer a great alternative to disposable pads and pantyliners. Using organic cloth against your skin is better for you, and by replacing disposables with our organic reusables, you are helping the environment!.
Pads have a canvas bottom layer, a soft thick natural colour flannel top layer, and a snap closure with 2 fabric bands that can hold one liner for light flow, or lots of liners for heavy flow. We designed our pads without a synthetic moisture barrier so they would be 100% organic cotton and for breathability. We've had quite a bit of feedback from customers saying how much they appreciate this, and that the design works great for their needs. The canvas is moisture resistant, however we suggest if you would like it to be even more so, that you wash in Eucalan. This will add Lanolin, which is the oil from wool and is not harmful to delicate skin. Our design allows for easy liner changing, without having to change pads.
Liners are one soft, absorbant flannel layer that easily folds into 4 or 5 layers. The one layer design allows for great washing results, plus folding can be shaped to fit different body types. One of our customers said what she really liked about our liner design was she could re-fold a lightly soiled one to have a clean side up. For very heavy flow you may want to use 3 or 4 liners, for light to medium flow 1 or 2, for very light flow wear pad without a liner. Our pads and liners also work great for post-partum flow and for mild incontinence.

Pads come in two sizes - Regular (10" long) and Long (14").
Regular liners are 10" x 10".
Long liners are 14" x 14".

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