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Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project

Eco-Freako and Sunshine Coast Wildlife have entered into a community partnership. We believe we need to start supporting each other and what better way than a mutually beneficial project. And  these guys are an awesome organization working to help local species at risk and their habitats. 

The Wildlife Project are responsible for bringing millions of dollars worth of funding to the Sunshine Coast, which is used on projects like: Building nesting beaches for the Western Painted Turtles; Research; Educational workshops at the Iris Griffiths Centre and the Sechelt Botanical Gardens; and The Land Stewardship Program which offers houses for bees, bats and owls to land owners. 

We stock Sunshine Coast Wildlife bee, bat, and owl houses for sale at our Eco-Freako L'il Shop In The Woods, 1734 Pell Road, in Roberts Creek, BC.  In the near future, visitors to the L'il Shop will be able to stroll on a visitors walk that gives some great visual examples of what the Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project can do saving our endangered wildlife here on the Coast.