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Anti-Ant in 12ml cobalt blue bottle

Anti-Ant Ant Repellent


100% all natural formula that really works.  We've had great success in getting rid of both Sugar Ants and Carpenter Ants. 

When you notice ants in your home, find the path they are following and just put a few drops of Anti-Ant along their trail.  To get new colonies and absent ants, re-apply after about 2 weeks. 

Made with Boric Acid and Sugar Solution that the ants can't resist.  They bring the solution back to their nest to give to the queen.  In a 12 ml bottle with dropper top and tamper evident lid.  Keep out of reach of children.
Here's what Tanya Wallace of Winnipeg, MB wrote to us: "...I wanted to say that the Anti-ant really works.  We had a bad year for ants in the house and yard.  Someone told us that when there's lots of rain, there will be more ants.  Anyways, your concoction was the only natural remedy that worked.  What a relief.  I like ants but to much is too much."

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