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Eco-Freako FAQs


Free Shipping on retail orders over $99 (before taxes) in Canada and the USA.

Retail orders under $99 shipped Canada Post Expedited within Canada and Small Packet Air to the USA. Expedited post offers insurance up to $100 and a tracking number. Small Packet Air does not offer insurance or tracking.

Shipping to BC and AB $15.00

Shipping to the rest of Canada $20.00

Shipping to the USA $20.00

Shipping to the rest of The World $30.00

Retail Orders

We stock most of our smaller products, i.e. hankies, baby wipes, facial mitts, cosmetic squares, etc. We usually ship smaller items within a week. We make most of our larger items as orders come in. We usually ship larger items within two weeks.

We'll email you to let you know when we ship your order. Shipping time varies depending on your location: Packages destined within Canada take roughly two to seven days. Packages destined for the U.S.A. take roughly five to twelve days.

Organic Cotton Benefits

According to Dr. David Suzuki, "If we want the next generation of Canadians to have the same opportunities that we have enjoyed, we have to start changing now. That means including the social and environmental costs of our actions in all of our decision-making processes. It means focusing on the creation of genuine wealth, like health, education and the state of our environment, rather than just the accumulation of more stuff. It means moving from being wasteful and complacent, to being efficient, modern, and thoughtful."

By choosing organic, you are choosing to decrease pesticide use. This directly benefits you the consumer, farmers and farm workers, mill and factory workers, and the environment.

Every time you choose organic, you choose to support a healthier way of life for you, your family, and the planet. You are creating green homes and natural living. Food, cotton, textiles, and even a bouquet of flowers – it all makes a difference. Buying organic is supporting sustainable living and farming practices, creating a demand for governments to change farming practices from pesticide-oriented to organic.

Certified organic cotton and other crops are grown and processed by organic standards, which means that no synthetic pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fumigants, fungicides, or miticides) may have been applied to the land where an organic crop is grown, a crop already in the field, or to the crop after it is harvested. Organic farming increases natural diversity, encouraging birds and other animals that would be poisoned by synthetic pesticides.

Why Eco-Freako and Hankettes products?

We are a small family run company – a micro business - which is, and always has been (since 1996) devoted to making and offering products which replace disposables with organic cotton reusables. There is no “greenwashing” going on around here.

We are proud to say we grow as much food as we are able, recycle, reuse, and reduce our footprints as much as possible. We pay our employees a fair Canadian wage and employ locally.

We make all our products here on the Sunshine Coast of BC.We buy our supplies as close to home as possible.The fabrics we use are all made with GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards). Our body care line is made with all natural, safe ingredients.

While we realize you may be able to buy organic cotton products at a lesser cost elsewhere, those items are generally made by large companies in third world countries where workplace and pay standards are poor. 

When you buy Eco-Freako and Hankettes products, you are purchasing products we’ve made with quality and care. You are also supporting a micro-business whose goals have always been about reducing waste and pollution.