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4 Reasons To Check Out The Eco-Freako Website

Welcome to the new Eco-Freako website.  Lesley and I are very excited about the new look and feel and hope you will find the experience of navigating around the website a lot easier than our previous format.  But besides ease of navigation, here are 4 great reasons to check us out.

1.  We are now mobile friendly.  Our previous site was stuck way back in the dinosaur age of 2012.  Fine on a desktop computer but it looked like it was written by teeny tiny people when viewed on a smartphone.

2.  We have pared down our selection of product to make your experience on our site easier to manage.  Even though we still make hundreds of organic cotton and all natural baby, body, and pet care products, we decided to go with the big hitters.  If there is an item or feature you saw previously on the site that you are wondering about, just give us a call at 1-800-917-1377 (locally at 604-885-1028) or email us at info@ecofreako.ca.

3.  We now have an integrated blog.  (Thanks for reading this.)  It's a new experience for us and we hope to use this space to pass along information about Eco-Freako as well as stories related to and about environmental issues and concerns as more people in general realize the benefits to themselves and the planet about going green.

4.  We will be featuring different Eco-Freako and Hankettes products on a regular basis.  Limited time offers so check back often.  You won't want to miss out!