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3 varieties of Eco-Freako Pure Essential Oils in 12ml blue cobalt bottle

Pure Essential Oils

100% pure essential oils, or dilutions of pure luxury essential oils in Jojoba Oil (dilutions will be specified). For your reference we've listed some of their main uses as well as cautions. Packaged in 12ml cobalt blue glass bottles with dropper and tamper evident cap. Do not apply pure essential oils directly to body. It's best to use them diluted in oil for massage, in a diffuser, or in a mister with water. Store out of sunlight & away from heat sources.

Aniseed - commonly used as an antiseptic & antispasmodic.

Benzoin - resin oil widely used as a preservative, also in skin care products for dry chafed skin.

Cedarwood - eases nervous tension, anxiety, aggression, for oily skin, healthy hair, balancing, grounding.
Chamomile Roman 10% - in Jojoba Oil  - sedative, calming, for depression, tension, headaches, dry, irritated skin.

Cinnamon Leaf - For aching muscles & joints, circulation enhancing, antimicrobial, antifungal, and combats candida.  Possible skin irritant.

Citronella - insect repellant, use in mister, diffuser, candles, or a drop dabbed on your collar; topical deodorizing disinfectant.  Possible skin irritant.

Clove Bud - antiseptic, topical analgesic, widely used to stop the pain of toothaches.  Warming & enhancing.  Possible skin irritant.

Eucalyptus - inhaled for asthma & coughs, apply diluted for chest and nasal congestion, insect repellent, cooling & refreshing.
Jasmine Absolute 6% in Jojoba oil - inspires confidence, creativity, imagination, a sensual exotic experience

Lavender - excellent for relaxation, insomnia, depression, stress & irritability; used for headaches, insect bites, etc.

Lemon - topical disinfectant & deodorizer, also for coughs, colds, nausea, skin blemishes, circulation.  Possible skin irritant.  May cause photosensitivity. Avoid use in the sun.

Lemongrass - commonly used as an analgesic, antimicrobial, bactericidal, deodorant, fungicidal, insecticidal, sedative.

Lime - traditional use antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial.  Also for coughs, colds, nausea, skin blemishes, circulation. Possible skin irritant.  Avoid use in the sun.

Palmerosa - widely used for antiseptic, bactericidal, stimulant.

Patchouli - earthy, calming, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, speeds healing, repels insects.

Peppermint - relieves nausea, motion sickness, headaches, pain relief, refines pores, reduces oiliness, stimulating, energizing.  Do not use with homeopathic remedies.

Rosemary - for headaches, dizziness, memory, asthma, bronchitis, sore muscles, dandruff, healthy hair.  Not for use by pregnant women, persons with high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Rose Otto 5% - in Jojoba oil, emotionally uplifting & soothing, boosts confidence, aphrodisiac, also for dry damaged/aging skin.
Sage - antiseptic, antimicrobial against candida yeast, used in massage for arthritis & muscle injury.  Possible skin irritant.

Spearmint - energizing for mind and body, supports respiratory & nervous systems.
Sweet Orange - relaxing, calming, refreshing, eases depression, anxiety, stimulates creativity, circulation. May cause photosensitivity.  Avoid use in the sun.

Tangerine - refreshing, soothing and calming, used in diffuser, bath, in massage oil.  Do not use with homeopathic remedies.

Tea Tree, Organic - topical disinfectant for first aid & household use; acne, rashes, fungal & yeast problems, dandruff & lice etc.

Vetiver - deep, earthy and grounding,  improves immunity & fights infection, good for ADHD, dilute well.

Wintergreen - topical analgesic for aches & pains.  Keep out of reach of childen - toxic if taken internally.  Not for use on pregnant women or children.  Possible skin irritant.

Ylang Ylang - romantic, sensual aphrodisiac, calms nerves, lifts depression, fights infections, balances hormones. Not for use on pregnant women.

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